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Heavy Highway Construction

The Heavy Highway Division of Francis J. Palo, Inc. General Contractors has been a cornerstone of our business since 1954. We work with both private-sector customers and local government officials to provide construction services for roadways, bridges, culverts, excavation, tunneling, concrete projects and more. 

During our 60+ years, Francis J. Palo, Inc. has been heavily involved in road and bridge construction and is a Prequalified General Contractor with the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Francis J. Palo, Inc. is highly respected among other Contractors in the industry and has built an excellent reputation over the years in both contract performance and in prompt payment of all obligations. 

Extensive use of our GPS equipment for surveying, mapping, field layout and automated earthmovers have kept us at the forefront of accuracy in design, location and construction.

We have a 3A1 credit rating with Dunn & Bradstreet (Account #01-396-8659). In addition to being a year-round stable enterprise with over twenty-five (25) full time employees, Francis J. Palo, Inc. has several banking affiliations, both locally and in other areas of the country. We will happily provide credit references upon request.

Unlike most of the competition, Francis J. Palo, Inc. self-performs the majority of our work. By completing every stage from the dirt and rock, grading, underground utility, asphalt and concrete paving, bridge and related work ourselves, we ensure the job is done correctly, the project stays on schedule, and our services remain competitively priced. Francis J. Palo, Inc. is committed to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction - our repeat customers will testify to that.

Francis J. Palo, Inc. is a 

Prequalifed Prime Contractor for PennDOT and ODOT

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Recent Work in the Heavy Highway Division

SR58 Clarion County
Callensburg Bridge
May 2018
Multi-span Bridge over Clarion River
SR1036 Indiana County
Gipsy Bridge 1
August 2017
Pre-cast Concrete Box Culvert
Climax Tunnel Armstrong County
Allegheny Valley Land Trust
June 2018
Pedestrian Walking and Biking Trail
T-420 Clearfield County
Greenfield Township
Curry Run Bridge
September 2017
Geo-synthetic Reinforced Abutments

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Penn-DOT Prequalification
Work Class Groups

Work class codes for which Francis J. Palo, Inc. General Contractors is approved


(A) Clearing and grubbing, (B) Building demolition, (C) New roadway excavating and grading, (C1) Roadway patches/drainage/structure related, (C2) Drilling and blasting, (C6) Drilling

Incidental Construction

(B1) Asbestos removal, (C3) Geotextiles, (H) Drainage/Water Main/Storm Sewer, (H1) Pipe and Culvert Cleaning, (H2) Pavement Base Drains, (J1) Concrete Median Barrier, (J2) Fencing/Railings, (K) Curbs/Sidewalks/Inlets/Manholes, (K1) Masonry Work, (K2) Concrete and Masonry Coatings

Base Course

(C4) Rubblizing, (D) Rigid base course, (E) Flexible base course)


(F) Bituminous pavement, (F1) Bituminous pavement patching and repair, (F2) Bituminous joint and crack sealing, (F3) Milling/Rumble Strips/Scarification bituminous or concrete, (F4) Bituminous surface treatments/seal coats, (G) Rigid pavement, (G1) Rigid pavement patching and repair, (G2) Diamond/Carbide grinding concrete or bituminous, (G3) Spall repair, (G4) Joint rehabilitation/sawing/sealing concrete or bituminous


(M) Landscaping, (M1) Selective tree removal/trimming (M2) Silt barrier fence/gabions/erosion control, (M3) Seeding and soil supplements, (N) Building construction and related trades, (N1) Related building trades

Traffic Accommodations & Control

(P8) Highway/Sign lighting/electrical, (Q) Maintenance and protection of traffic, (R) Sign placement [post/structure mounted], (R1) Sign structures

Structures (Bridges)

(S) Cement concrete bridges over 120 ft., (S0) Marine repair, (S1) Cement concrete bridges up to 120 ft. and steel bridges with straight girders, (S2) Repair and rehabilitation of structures concrete or steel, (S4) Bridge culverts/pedestrian bridges/timber bridges, (S5) Structural walls, (S6) Erection of prestressed concrete beams, (S7) Rebar installation, (S9) Bridge deck placement or repair, (T) All steel bridges with curved girders or over 120 ft., (T1) Bridge removal, (T3) Erection of fabricated steel members, (T4) Welding, (T5) Bearing pads and seals, (T6) Expansion dams, (T7) Bridge drainage, (T8) Shear studs/metal bridge deck forms, (T9) Parapets, (U) Pile driving (U1) Caissons

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