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About Francis J. Palo, Inc. General Contractors

Francis J. Palo, Inc. originated in 1954 as Francis J. Palo Excavating.

Incorporated in 1973, the principal officers are:

Michael A. Palo - Chief Executive Officer
Paul A. Roman - President
Mark Schaffer - Executive Vice President
John Murray - Chief Financial Officer
Sam Dennison - VP Heavy Highway Operations
Jason Kiely - VP Industrial Division
Dennis LeFever - VP Business Development

Francis J. Palo, Inc.'s primary activity is that of general contracting. Since its inception, the company has worked for over one-hundred (100) Municipalities, Boroughs, Authorities, and Townships, and has gained an excellent reputation for its performance in bridge and road construction, sewer and water line work, building construction and demolition work. Private clients include Refineries, Power Plants, Dams, Hospitals, Airports, and Schools.

During its 60 plus years, Francis J. Palo, Inc. has been heavily involved in road and bridge construction and is a Prequalified General Contractor with the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Francis J. Palo, Inc. is highly respected among other Contractors in the industry and has built an excellent reputation over the years in both contract performance and in prompt payment of all obligations.

Francis J. Palo, Inc. has a 3A1 credit rating with Dunn & Bradstreet (Account #01-396-8659). In addition to being a year-round stable enterprise with over forty full time employees, Francis J. Palo, Inc. has several banking affiliations, both locally and in other areas of the country. Maintaining an extensive line of credit the company will provide credit references upon request.



Mike PaloChief Executive Officer
Paul RomanPresident
Mark SchafferExecutive Vice President
Sam DennisonVice President of Heavy Highway Operations
Denny LefeverVice President of Business Development
Jason KielyVice President of Industrial Division 
Chris CastonguayVice President-Environmental Services
Dick BairSafety Officer/Project Manager
Emily GarthwaitePayroll
John MurrayChief Financial Officer
Phil KahleProject Manager
Doug VidicProject Manager
Charlie ClarkProject Manager
Dale ZimmermanProject Manager
Troy WolfgangChief Surveyor/GPS Manager
Mike HenryAutoCAD Department
Scott LoweEquipment & Facilities Manager
Steve RappWarehouse Manager
Ron RenningerCoordinator
Jason RomanEstimator
Jodi AmatoAccounts Payable/Secretary
Sheila WatsonCNG Account Manager
Mary Jo Donaldson
EEO Officer - Engineering Assistant
Stephenie Marshall
Staff Accountant
Brian Reinsel
Project Manager
Taylor Neal