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Building Demolition

Removal of Stack #310 
at Rhone - Poulenc 
Pennzoil Refinery, Rouseville, PA 
Debris Removal 
Pennzoil Refinery, Rouseville, PA 
Tank demolition after 1995 fire 

Palo, Inc. was provided a subcontract with McCarl's, Inc at the Pennzoil Refinery in Rouseville, Pennsylvania, following a massive fire at the facility in October 1995.

Palo established a perimeter around the fire area to allow Pennzoil to assess the damage and allow O.S.H.A. to perform their investigation.
Once the damage was assessed, and the investigation was complete, Palo demolished damaged portions of the plant and constructed foundations to deem the facility operable while major repairs could be addressed.

Palo then started building tank foundations, dike and ring walls, pump foundations, slabs, and site grading, to bring Pennzoil back to normal operations.
Palo has taken on other projects while at the facility, such as a Base Oil Logistics Project, and a Wastewater Project.

Palo, Inc. demolished these silos at the former Knox Glass Plant using a Cat 235 Excavator.